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The KSA Healthcare landscape is quickly evolving as part of the VISION 2030 transformation project. Healthcare providers and supporters seek the latest insights to guide them in making the best decisions. In this 3 part session, panelists will address the current KSA challenges with the Australian Code Set and how private hospitals have recently developed and launched a modified code set to include outpatient requirements. An overview of where SNOMED fits in with the classification systems will be presented as well as the results of a study comparing three international terminologies for medical interventions and procedures.

1. Introduction to NPHIES: An overview of the National Platform for Health and Insurance Exchange Services (NPHIES) system.


Ziad Tabet, IQVIA

Ahmad Tayeb, Senior Portfolio Manager, CCHI, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

2. Current Update and Future Vision for Healthcare Classifications including the Status of ICD11.


Melanie Endicott, Senior Director, International Education & Training, American Health Information Management Association, United States


Dr. Robert Jakob
, Medical Officer, WHO, Switzerland
Intisar Abdullah, Dir. of HIM, Ministry of Nat'l Guard Health Affairs, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

3. Deep Dive into Medical Classification Systems for Public & Private Sectors: What are the current classification systems used in KSA? Addressing the challenges and the KSA Health System's readiness for ICD11.

Kathy Giannangelo, President, Kathy Giannangelo Consulting, United States

Deniza Mazevska, Dir. Health Policy Analysis, Australia
Linda Bird, Head of Education and Product Support, SNOMED International, Australia
Dr. Filip Ameye, Program Manager Medicine and Surgery, National Institute for Health and Disability Insurance, Belgium



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